Google's most epic wins and fails of 2015

IDG.TV | Dec 10, 2015

Self-driving cars. Google Photos. A brand new Alphabet. What’s a win and what’s a fail? Jon Phillips breaks down Google’s biggest happenings of 2015.

The year is drawing to an end, and Google has just a few weeks left to do something outrageous. But barring any last-minute curveballs, here are my personal picks for the biggest Google wins and fails of 2015.

Let’s start with some love. I love the Nexus 6P. Google’s pure Android flagship phone basically takes all the other smartphones in the Android universe and schools them like Holly Holm teaching Ronda Rousey the meaning of life.

The 6P has a kickass fingerprint sensor. It looks great. It’s speedy A F. It’s the best smartphone you can buy today, and it’s Google’s Android release of the year.

Oh, hey, look at that. Google’s self-driving cars finally hit the road big-time this year. This June, we saw them all around Mountain View! Someone cue Yakety Sax, and let’s dig in.

Besides looking like stupid clown cars, I’m generally suspicious of self-driving cars because they give control over life and death situations to computers.

It’s all part of an evil machine-learning pentavirate to control mankind including Google cars, Skynet, the Matrix, the computer from Demon Seed, and, yes, Colonel Sanders.

Google used its I/O conference to reveal the new Google Photos service, and when it did, it showed the world magic. Google Photos is freaking magic!

Search for dogs, and it finds all the dogs in your photo album. Search for cars, and it finds all the cars! It creates awesome photo essays out of thin air. And there’s unlimited storage for compressed images.

Google Photos, you just get it, don’t you?

Dad, why did Google change its name to Alphabet?

Well, Bobby, they just think they can get more done if they break up into smaller companies under a larger Alphabet umbrella.

Don’t go changing on me now, Google! I liked you the way you were!

Bobby, sometimes Google and Google accessories just need to change.

Is Android number one, or does it do number one? In April, the world discovered that someone doctored Google Maps to depict the Android mascot engaging in what can best be described as non-consensual watersports.

I’m gonna need the telestrator for this one.

OK, this right here is the area surrounding Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Pakistan is a country in South Asia.

Ok, this right here, that’s Google’s Android mascot. It’s a robot.

This is a jet of urine... And this is the Apple logo. Apple is a company that makes a lot of smartphones. It’s also a type of fruit.

Google discovered that someone had abused its Map Maker tool, and removed the little prank. But there was still enough time to take a screenshot!

And that’s really all I need.