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More on Monday's Keynote

In keeping with a long tradition (i.e. going back a keynote or two ), Philip Michaels has come up with MWSF 2002 keynote winners and losers. One unheralded winner: QuickTime. Apple said today that thanks to their streaming video technology, 81,000 people were able to view the live Internet broadcast of the keynote. The Macworld forum regulars, however, shared some different experiences.

Product News

  • MWSF: Worldbuilder Online Studio intro'd -- Jamfo has introduced a new Web authoring application called WorldBuilder Online Studio. The software has a long list of features that its developer said haven't been seen before in any online or desktop Web authoring application.

  • MWSF: cast:stream delivery solution flows to Mac OS X -- 21st Century Media, a developer of streaming solutions for the enterprise area, has announced cast:stream, a delivery application suite, for Mac OS X. The suite delivers live video and audio presentations with synchronized graphics, animation, and interactivity.

  • MWSF: Sonnet announces RAID133, rebate -- Mac upgrade manufacturer Sonnet Technologies today announced an ATA133 RAID PCI card. Called the Tempo RAID133, this card will begin shipping late this month for US$200.

  • MWSF: Omni Group announces first plug-in for iPhoto -- OS X application developer The Omni Group has announced the release of a free plug-in for Apple's new iPhoto application. The company claimed it's the first such product to be released for iPhoto. With the plug-in in place, you can export iPhoto albums to Omni Group's own OmniGraffle diagramming software.

  • MWSF: Retrospect 5 OS X preview available -- Dantz Development Corp. has announced the availability of Retrospect Backup 5.0 - Mac OS X Preview. The new software enables users of Mac OS X to take a gander at how the next major version of Dantz's popular backup software will work on Mac OS X.

  • MWSF: Painter 7 OS X update adds tablet support, more -- procreate has announced the release of an update to its Painter 7 application that adds new tinting brushes and water color tutorials, plus support for Wacom-brand pen tablets under Mac OS X.

  • MWSF: LaCie intros new 120GB, 160GB FireWire drives -- Storage product maker LaCie rolled out new 120 and 160GB FireWire hard disk drives this week. The 120GB model uses a 7,200 RPM mechanism, and can store more than 30 hours of MPEG-2 video, or 10 hours of uncompressed DV. The 160GB model is based on a 5,400 RPM mechanism and can store more than 300 hours of CD-quality audio. Both drives feature a 2MB buffer.

  • MWSF: MacSpeech announces first Mac OS X product -- The company is announcing iDictate for Mac OS X. MacCentral recently got the first sneak peek at the product, which extends MacSpeech's TalkAnywhere technology to Apple's newest operating system.

  • MWSF: AEC previews FastTrack Schedule 8 for Mac OS X -- AEC Software is previewing their upcoming native Mac OS X version of FastTrack Schedule, their project manager. Due to ship in the first quarter of the year, FastTrack Schedule 8 will sport an overhauled interface, as well as formatting and productivity designed to streamline organizing, tracking, and managing project details.

  • MWSF: Watson Web assistant adds two new plug-ins -- Karelia Software will be releasing a new version of Watson, an extendable application from that gives an "Aqua" user interface to a number of Internet-based services such as stock quotes, telephone lookup, and movie listings. It's designed to be a partner for Apple's Sherlock search engine.

  • MWSF: ZyGoVideo 1.2 Preview for Mac OS X released -- A preview of ZyGoVideo Pro version 1.2 for Mac OS X is being released this week. ZyGoVideo is a codec for QuickTime and QuickTime Pro that compresses and decompresses video files to deliver broadcast-quality video at lower transmission speeds.

  • MWSF: Netopia previews eCare for Macintosh -- Netopia -- the folks behind broadband gateways and Web platform software designed for distributed, small and medium enterprises -- is previewing eCare for Macintosh. eCare is a Web-based support solution that enables live, online customer interaction and communication over any type of Internet connection.

  • MWSF: Mac OS X support comes to ShuttlePRO -- Contour Design has added Mac OS X support for its ShuttlePRO device for video, audio, and multimedia editing functions. The ShuttlePRO hardware allows one-hand access to 13 fully programmable buttons and jog/shuttle knob.

  • MWSF: U & I Software releases VTrack, ArtMatic -- VTrack is an eight-track video montage and special effects tool that can mix QuickTime movies, DV streams, still images, and ArtMatic structures. ArtMatic Pro 2.56 is a programmable graphics synthesizer capable of synthesizing graphics and animation, as well as processing external still images and QuickTime movies.

  • MWSF: Lotus Notes to add Mac OS X support -- Lotus Software from IBM announced support for Mac OS X in the next version of its Lotus Notes messaging and collaboration solution, which is code-named "Rnext." The Lotus Notes Rnext client will extend collaborative capabilities through the implementation of new features and capabilities, including enhancements in user-interface, messaging, calendaring and scheduling, mobility and performance.

  • More Apple Hiring News

    As if Apple hadn't kept the press busy enough with the debut of its new products this week, it also made a newsworthy new hire -- rehire, actually -- with Dr. Guy "Bud" Tribble. Tribble, who was the manager of the original Macintosh team, had most recently been involved in Eazel Inc., a now-defunct company dedicated to user interface software for the Linux operating system.

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