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Unwanted access attempts area fact of network life, but firewall software logs tend to be jumbles of data that do nothing to help you uncover solutions to security problems. Open Door Networks' Who's There Firewall Advisor for Mac OS X provides analysis and filtering of access logs generated by Symantec's Norton Personal Firewall (the only OS X firewall software supported at press time).

Who's There organizes the firewall log, showing you not only the time, source, and status (allowed or denied) of each access attempt, but also the port number and corresponding type of access, along with a flag indicating the level of security risk.

When you want to analyze specific access attempts, Who's There can perform a whois search, returning full domain information. There is even a hyperlink to the source domain and a nifty map screen that pinpoints where the attack originated. It also delivers information about how these access attempts can affect OS X. Then you can take action by sending an e-mail message to either the attacker or the attacker's system administrator.

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If you use Norton Personal Firewall to protect a Web server or a Mac with a static IP address (such sys-tems are frequent targets of attack) and need to pinpoint the sources and characteristics of unauthorized access, Who's There Firewall Advisor for Mac OS X is exactly what you're looking for.

Knock KnockWho's There deciphers your firewall log, showing vital details and security-risk levels in an easy-to-read format.
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