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Inside ...

Mac OS X Overview
Take a look at the features and technology behind the most advanced operating system available.

Making the Move
Transition Guide
Ready to make the switch to OS X? Here's everything you need to know to make a smooth transition.

Where Did It Go?
Find out which classic Mac features live on in Mac OS X-and which have bitten the dust.

Product Guide
New System Software and Utilities
Get the scoop on five useful apps that come with OS X.

Office v. X
Microsoft has given Mac users a great reason to upgrade to OS X.

Must-Have Software

We look at the best OS X utilities.

OS X Product Directory
See if your favorite hardware and software products are compatible with Mac OS X.

Getting the Most from OS X
Mac OS X First Aid
Use our first-aid kit to nurse OS X back to health when problems arise.

Mac 911
Learn how to password-protect screen savers, delete unwanted users, handle orphaned fonts, and more.

Font Handling in OS X
See how OS X's implementation of fonts and PDFs is keeping graphics users happy.

Top Mac OS X Secrets
Get expert advice on network security, AppleScript's expanded capabilities, and Apache Web server.

David Pogue
Don't worry about OS X-it's going to be just fine.

Also included ...

Disc One
OS X Visual Guide
Christopher Breen takes you on a visual journey inside Mac OS X, giving you tips on when to make the shift and how to make OS X fit your needs.

Tips for OS X
Over 150 tips on using OS X are in this PDF (more than 50 pages long) from macosxhints.com. In addition, you'll find clear explanations of OS X's underpinnings, definitions, a list of OS X resources, and advanced tips.

Office v. X Test Drive
Take a 30-day free spin around Microsoft Office v. X. Whether you're an old Office salt or you've never used it before, you'll get a clear picture of what Office v. X has to offer.

Cool Tools for OS X
You'll find demos of products mentioned in the pages of Macworld, as well as premiere demos of some of the hottest products available for OS X.

Disc Two
OS X Shareware
Find more than 200 shareware applications specifically made for OS X. Here are the best utilities, productivity tools, diversions, and shareware games that OS X has to offer.

OS X Resource Guide
Can't find the program you need? Check out this compilation of links to over 2,800 products for Mac OS X.

A Word from Our Sponsor
Curious about a product advertised in this issue? Find out more. Try out any of the more than 300MB of product demos included.

Plus ...
Free Bonus Booklet
40-page pocket reference guide, Mac OS X Tips and Unix Tricks

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