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Are you wondering what events and products are making the news at Expo? Read below for summaries of Expo-related news. We will be updating this page continuously throughout Wednesday, July 17, 2002.

Last Updated: 5:35 p.m PDT, Wednesday, July 17, 2002.

From Macworld

Jaguar on the Loose: Due August 24, Apple is enamored enough with version 10.2's code-name, Jaguar, to integrate it into the final product itself. Why the OS X love? Click here to find out.

iPod's Good News Comes in Threes: Apple announced that it would offer three versions of the physically slender iPod: the original 5GB model (now priced $100 lower at $299), an updated and streamlined 10GB version ($399), and a 20GB monster ($499). Apple contends that latter model has enough capacity to store 4,000 songs in 160-Kbps MP3 format. Click here to read more.

iTunes' Latest Hit: The newest version of iTunes adds several new features that improve the customizability of your personal music library -- the abilities to rate individual tracks in your collection and to track the number of times you listen to each song. Click here to read more.

Get Connected: Apple's Digital Hub strategy centers on connecting Macs to various portable digital devices -- something Apple calls "Mac to mobile." Two new applications, iSync and iCal, further the Mac to mobile strategy. Click here to read more.

From MacCentral

DVD Authoring on Older Macs: ADS Technologies announced a new real-time DVD video capture device, USB Instant DVD for Macs, that brings DVD creation to older Power Mac G3s and G4s. Click here to read more.

QuickTime 6 Already in Products: The cast:stream Presentation Broadcasting System is using QuickTime 6 to broadcast rich-media presentations complete with audio and video. Click here to read more.

Like Drawing with a Pencil: SketchUp 2.0, an application for creating, viewing, modifying, and communicating 3D ideas, made its debut at Expo. The latest version lets you bring 3-D drawings into a 2-D CAD program. Click here to read the story.

Making the Switch Easier: Don't let your files get left behind when you move from a PC to a Mac. Detto Technologies announced Move2Mac, which enables PC users to move personal information from a Windows-based PC to a Mac. Click here to read more.

The Missing Sync: Missing Sync 3.0, a collection of drivers that permit PDAs to connect to USB-equipped Macs, is available. This latest version includes OS X support, as well as iTunes and iPhoto plug-ins. Click here to read more.

They're Busy at 4D: In addition to the storefront software 4D Business Kit(see below), 4D also rolled out 4D Mail, which is a scalable Mail server for Mac OS X, and an update to their line of 4D WebSTAR Internet servers. Click here to read more.

Get Plugged In: Extensis announced an InDesign plug-in for their font management product, Suitcase, which will automatically activate fonts used in InDesign documents. They also announced workgroup application Portfolio Server for OS X. Click here to read more.

Quicken 2003 Previewed: The latest version of Quicken -- which will be available August 21 -- features improved online-banking features, a customizable toolbar and other improvements. Click here to read more.

Sonnet Debuts Several New Products: Among the newest hardware offerings -- two-and-a-half inch hard drives, PCI host adapters, and upgrade cards. Click here to read more.

RealOne Player Goes X: Any OS X user who wants to access RealNetworks' offerings -- audio and video from places like CNN, E! Networks, and MLB Advanced Media -- can now do so. Click here to read more.

Backup System Goes X: CMS Peripherals has announced a new version of its ABSplus backup system; the FireWire-based system automatically launches a backup whenever its internal hard drive is plugged in. Click here to read more.

Microsoft's Triple Release: Microsoft's announced three new products. These are: the Palm Handheld Synchronization add-in for Entourage X, a "Get It Together promotion" that offers up to US$100 off the purchase of Office v. X when it's purchased with any new Mac, and a utility that allows remote connection and access to Microsoft Windows-based computers from just about any network connection using a Mac. Click here to read more.

REALbasic 4.5 ships: REALbasic 4.5, an application targeting those who do multimedia or vector-based illustrations, is shipping. The latest version features new graphics capabilities, enhanced multimedia tools, an improved user experience and over 80 new functions. Click here to read more.

For You Cube Owners: PowerLogix has announced a 700MHz PowerForce G4 Series 100 speed upgrade, and a 733MHz version of the PowerForce G4 Series 133. Click here to read more.

Canto's New Asset Management Tools: Anyone looking to render order unto digital chaos can check out any one of Canto's three new products: Cumulus HELIOS Companion, which combinesCanto's digital asset management system Cumulus with its a print server and server-based image replacement technology HELIOS; Cumulus JAVA Classes, which integrates, extends and customize Cumulus Enterprise and Workgroup solutions; and YaWah ImageExpress for Cumulus, an optional product for Cumulus 5.5 that enables users to zoom into and download images in multiple file formats and resolutions via a Web browser. Click here to read more.

Introducing Now Software: Power On Software, Inc -- formerly the makers of Now Up-To-Date -- announced that a new division of their company called Now Software will be handling their scheduling and contact management products, including Now Up-To-Date. Click here to read more.

New Software for Online Storefronts: 4D, Inc. debuted OS X-native 4D Business Kit 1.2. The software lets users create catalogs, shopping carts, payment systems, tax calculations, shipping, customer management and order tracking. Click here to read more.

Got a Tiny Drive Yet?: WiebeTech has released pocket drives, a three-port FireWire card, a FireWire-bus powered bridge interface, and a FireWire bus-powered storage device. Click here to read more.

Recycle Your Old Hardware: Clean out your storage closet and save the environment from high-tech waste -- participate in IOGEAR's KVMP recycling scheme. The first 100 hardware enthusiasts to purchase an IOGEAR MiniView III KVMP switch, and ship back their old keyboard and mouse will receive US$30-50 cash back. The promotion is limited to the first 100 persons that purchase a MiniView III and register online with a purchase receipt. Click here to read more.

Keynote-related News

You Can Never Be Too Thin or Have Too Much Memory: Near the end of the keynote, Steve Jobs rolled out an expanded iPod line, including a new 20GB model that can hold 4,000 songs for $499 and a thinner 10 GB model selling for $399. Click here to read more.

Your Mac and Your Cellphone Are Talking About You: One of the applications which made its debut during the Macworld Expo keynote was iSync, a synchronization tool that permits its users to synchronize address books and calendars between Macs and the new generation of Bluetooth-enabled GPRS mobile phones, PalmOS devices and iPods. Click here to read more.

The Better to See You With: One of the two hardware announcements Apple made addressed the iMac, which will now sport a 17" flat-panel LCD monitor. Click here to read more.

iTunes 3 Is Released: Grammy award-winning iTunes isn't resting on its laurels or scheduling an upcoming appearance on Behind the Music . Instead, it's updated -- iTunes 3 was announced during the Macworld Expo keynote, and it will have features like Smart Playlists, a feature that lets users create rules-based dynamic playlists. Click here to read more.

See What You Missed: For those of you who didn't catch the streaming keynote address online, check out the visuals that accompanied all the announcements. Click here to read more.

Scheduling Made Simpler: iCal, a program that has built-in Internet sharing that lets you manage multiple calendars, share them over the Internet, and automatically keep them updated, made its debut during the Macworld Expo keynote. Click here to read more.

iTools Is Dead. Long Live .Mac: Apple's Internet services are evolving from a suite of free Web-based utilities to a fee-based collection of applications that are seamlessly integrated with OS X. Click here to read more.

Jaguar Set Free on August 24: As expected, the release date for the newest version of OS X was announced during the Macworld Expo keynote. Jaguar (or Mac OS X 10.2) will be shipping August 24. Click here to read more.

'Switch' Campaign Successful: At the beginning of the Macworld Expo keynote, Steve Jobs was citing statistics to bolster the argument that Apple's latest ad campaign is working -- 1.7 unique visitors have come to Web site, about 60 percent of them Windows users. Click here to read more.

Get That You-Are-There Feeling: Read Peter Cohen's reverse-chronological account of what happened during the keynote. Click here to read more.

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