Expo Party Report, Day Two

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Owing to some bad weather, California-style -- high winds and rain -- the prerequisite for a good party on Wednesday night was to hold it indoors. Fortunately for us, the parties we attended all followed this basic hospitality rule.

Brett Larson and I started out the evening trying to get into the Epson party. The people who were guarding the entrance were a little cranky, but once we were in, it was first class all the way. Epson is known for throwing a classy party, and this Expo was no exception. I can sum it up in four simple words: seven-kinds-of-cheese, most of which Brett inhaled while commenting, "I can feel my arteries hardening." The party was held in a galleria down by the waterfront and was filled with beautiful artwork (printed on Epson printers, of course). We met the photographer of the artwork and had a funny conversation about cameras we have never heard of and his search for the perfect printer paper. After that, we realized we had to mosey on.

Our intention was to go to the VersionTracker/TechTrackerPro party. Since it was raining hard, and it was too far to walk, we tried to get a cab. The odds of getting a cab in San Francisco on a clear afternoon are sky high; calculate what they are at night in the rain. After waiting for forever, out of the darkness came a single cab. Strange, yes? Not nearly so strange as what followed: as soon as we got in, the driver began yelling and pounding the steering wheel. As far as we could understand, he was telling us a story about a man who he pledged a lifetime war against, and that he had a "bad happy." It sounded terrifying. We reminded him that he had passed the place where we needed to be dropped off. We were told not to worry about it; he would let us out when he was done with his story. Ten minutes later he pulled over a block or so from where we needed to go. We had no idea how much we owed him since he had told us that he had broken off the timer and thrown it out the window because he was only half -crazy. I handed him a fistful of ones and dove out of the cab.

The VersionTracker party was held in a swanky downtown hotel, a very nice location. At the door, they passed out a cool Official VersionTracker Screwdriver Set. I'm sure it will come in handy. Most parties are a place to schmooze and talk a little business, as well. There was little to no business talk occurring last night since the band was louder than any Motorhead or Ramones show I have ever heard. It was hard to talk to anyone while the band was belting out "Sittin' on the dock of the bay" and "Smooth Operator." Once our ears stopped bleeding, we did our best to get some insider information about what was going on behind the scenes at Apple. Either everyone was dedicated to the cause and stuck to the non-disclosure agreement or we got to them too late and they were already deaf from the band.

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