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MailCall 1.7

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If you're as neurotic as I am, you like to check your e-mail every five minutes. And even when you're running a Check Mail schedule in Outlook Express, you still check your mail manually in the middle of the cycle, right before a cycle, or just after. So of course you can't bear to ever close your e-mail application -- it takes too long to open up again, so you'd rather keep it open than spare the RAM. Well, MailCall 1.7 will let you know of any incoming mail, and you don't even have to have your e-mail application open -- it runs in a little window on your desktop.

The new version takes even less room than its predessor, and maintains its dependable personality. You can set it up to check all your e-mail accounts across the board, and it will stay neatly listed in one small window.

You can set MailCall on Continuous Loop, where it will always be on the lookout for new mail, or you can set up the loop times much like you would set up schedules in Outlook. While it's in the midst of its own loop, you can check your accounts individually to properly sustain your neurotic compulsions.

MailCall takes only about 2MB to hide out in the background, so its appetite for RAM is much smaller than Outlook or Eudora. It's a shy program, so when you go to another application it will disappear, except for its tool bar, which is smaller than the size of a paperclip. But the program comes back to alert you of incoming mail, and you can always summon it with the tool bar; however, sometimes the program responds slowly when switching to it from another application.

MailCall alerts with either an audio chime or a blinking alert (if you've got your sound off). When you're alerted to new mail, you can also see the Subject and Sender -- this is a great feature, particularly if you want to screen your e-mail for priority mail or SPAM. MailCall is the best mate for busy e-mail users.

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