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If you're creating HTML in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor like Adobe GoLive or Macromedia Dreamweaver, sometimes you're going to need to edit your own code after the fact. This is where VSE Web Site Turbo comes in handy. It cleans out unwanted code so that your pages will load more quickly and contain fewer bugs.

VSE Turbo is thorough -- it quickly removes code such as extraneous line breaks or HTML tags that can be shortened (for example, <STRONG> can be replaced by <B> and will yield the same result). You can customize the program in many ways: you can search for specified tags only, or you can ask it to ignore certain types of files. You can also set the program to optimize your code without changing the appearance of your page. (If you choose this option, VSE Turbo leaves in your HTML comments, untouched, which is very handy).

When it's finished, the program creates a report that summarizes its changes and provides statistics on how much faster your new page will load, how much time you will save to upload it, and how much server space you'll save (though this is becoming more and more of a non-issue these days). To take full advantage of the reporting features, though, you must pay the relatively high shareware fee -- in demo mode, you'll need to go back through your code to find the changes it made.

Unfortunately, the program puts changes on single lines without breaks, making any further editing a bit of a chore.

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