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1.  Biography paints unflattering picture of Steve Jobs.  Shocking revelations: Jobs is a perfectionist! The Apple CEO is a demanding boss! Earth is round!

2.  G4 Cube owners angered by visible flaws in computer's casing.  The other complaint? "This slot on top isn't doing a damn thing to warm up my Eggo!"

3.  Slow sales hurt Apple's fourth-quarter profits.  But business is sure to pick up when the iMac's little-known self-destruct feature activates just before Christmas.

4.  Apple's stock price plunges 52 percent in one day.  In these turbulent times, we're glad our nest egg is tied up in something stable-dot-com stocks.

5.  The Mac OS X beta is feature rich.  But some jokers just want to harp on the negative.

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