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Nisus Email 1.0

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Upholding Nisus Software's proud tradition of nontraditional software, Nisus Email 1.0.9 won't be for everyone, but it could build a fanatical following. Nisus Email does not supply the usual mail folders and mail-composition window; instead, a tiny Floating PO window appears in whatever program you're working in. You compose your e-mail message in a word processor or other program and drag it to the window. A new window appears, with icons representing contacts in your address book. When you click on a contact's icon, you're back in your word processor, and the mail is sent. No other program makes sending mail this easy.

But if you have hundreds of contacts, scrolling through icons to find one is cumbersome. And the program's filters can move incoming mail to a folder only based on keywords; there's no categorization, prioritizing, or other automated actions. Each message is archived as a separate text file in folders you create. Nisus Email depends on the Finder to manage potentially thousands of files - never the Finder's strong suit. To find content in archived messages, you must rely on Sherlock.

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If you've ever had a burning desire to use your word processor to write all your e-mail messages, and if your e-mail needs are relatively light, Nisus Email is for you. The rest of us, especially those who must deal with lots of mail and many recipients, will find the program underpowered.

Mailbox Forest Finding a contact's icon in Nisus Email can be a challenge.
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