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MindControl 1.1

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Fans of keyboard shortcuts will love MindControl, a clever utility that lets you open files and perform other operations without lifting your hands from the keyboard. When you press a defined key combination, MindControl displays a pop-up list of all the commands you've programmed it to carry out. You can cycle through the list using the arrow or tab keys, or you can type the first few letters of any command into a text box at the bottom of the list. When you've highlighted the command you want, press the return key to run it.

You can program MindControl to open nearly any item on your Mac or network; it also lets you open Web pages and compose e-mail. MindControl's repertoire includes basic functions such as restart and shutdown, and its ability to open AppleScripts further extends its functionality. You can specify the keystrokes that activate MindControl, but you have only four key combinations to choose from.

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Although MindControl is superfluous if you already own a macro utility such as CE Software's QuicKeys (Reviews, April 2000), other Mac users will find it a worthwhile addition.

Mail Delivery MindControl lets you open a new e-mail message that has the recipient, subject, and body already filled in.
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