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You're vacationing on a remote desert island. You snap a couple of cool shots with your digital camera. But there's no printer in sight. If you want prints of your photos, you'll have to wait until you're back on the mainland -- right?

Wrong -- if you have a C211 digital camera, from Olympus (800/645-8130, ). The $899 digital camera includes a built-in Polaroid printer.

The C211 is just one of several new digital cameras that do more than take snazzy snapshots. "They'll probably stop calling them cameras at some point," says Ed Lee, director of Lyra Research's digital-photography advisory service.

Take the $699 Fujifilm FinePix 40I (800/800-3854, ), which lets you listen to your favorite tunes via an MP3 player while you're taking photos. "The goal is to try to go after young consumers who are into MP3 players and are looking for something fun and different," Lee says.

With the RDC-i700, Ricoh (888/742-6410, ) has added interconnectivity to its cameras; the RDC-i700 lets you snap pictures, check e-mail, send faxes, and track stocks. It's currently available in Japan for $1,500. A U.S. version should debut in early 2001.

What's next? Keep an eye out for digital camera-cell-phone combos, which are already available in Japan. "It may take a while to see these in the U.S. because there is a lot of infrastructure involved," Lee says.

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