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1. Napster releases a Mac version of its MP3-sharing software.   Expect the subsequent lawsuit to lag six months behind its Windows counterpart.

2. Steve Jobs vows to have speedier CPUs in 2001.   "510MHz or bust!" the cocky CEO declares.

3. Hackers break into Microsoft's corporate network.   After poking around the company's secret files, the hackers added insult to injury by fixing dozens of bugs in the Windows 2000 source code.

4. The G4 Cube gets nominated for a design award from PC Magazine.   It faces stiff competition-the Beige Box from Dell, the Beige Box from Gateway, and the Off-White Box from Compaq.

5. Despite U.S. woes, Apple's German division has its best year ever.   The reason? Key lime iBooks are now called "Hasselhoff green."

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