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Mac users still mutter under their breath about Microsoft Word 6, the memory-hogging word processing program that was slower than a Richard Marx ballad. Macworld Lab ran the software on a typical computer from the Word 6 era -- a Power Mac 7600/132 -- and found, not surprisingly, that its performance lagged significantly behind Word 2001's on a 400MHz iMac. But stick Word 6 on that iMac, and you'll see speeds comparable to the latest version of Word. It looks as though Word 6 was a fine application -- all it needed to run properly was a computer that wouldn't be invented for another six years.

All times are in seconds. Test systems were a Power Mac 7600/132 and an iMac DV 400MHz (2000). Both systems had 128MB of RAM, Mac 0S 9.0.4 installed, and virtual memory enabled. --Macworld Lab testing by Ulyssis Bravo

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