Fixing Check Design Errors in GoLive 5

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GoLive 5's Design feature helps you build a prototype of your Web site,and then use that site map to "submit" the site, a process that createsplaceholder files in the site's directory.

To troubleshoot a handful of common problems that can crop up whenyou use the Design feature, GoLive includes a Check Design option.Before submitting your design, click on the Check Design button on theToolbar, or select Check Design from the Staging submenu of the Designmenu. Look in the Check column of the Design window's Staging tab forGoLive's problem report.

GoLive reports five types of errors: file in use, target folder,section name, stage in scratch, and file rename. You can clear all the Check Design errors by taking certain steps.

Error: File in Use

Problem You may have opened one of the prototype files bydouble-clicking on it.

Solution Close the file(s), then resubmit the design.

Error: Target Folder

Problem When you create a page or a section in a design, you canspecify that it's stored in a subfolder by entering the folder name inthe Target Dir field of the Object Inspector, or the Folder field of theSection Inspector. If GoLive can't create the folder for whateverreason, it displays this error.

Solution Select the troubled file and correct the directory namein the Page Inspector.

Error: Section Name

Problem GoLive uses sections as a means to easily create relatedpages that share the same template or location. By default, they sharethe same name as the home page, such as index.html, welcome.html, orother variants. If the name is already in use, GoLive reports it as aSection Name error.

Solution You need to specify a new name in the Filename field, orspecify a directory name in the Folder field of the Section Inspector,then resubmit the design.

Error: Stage in Scratch

Problem To be submitted to the active site, each page must belinked into the site navigation (represented in the Design window withgreen arrows), which must originate with the site's anchor page. Ifyou've created new pages that aren't linked, GoLive treats them asscratch pages, and displays this alert.

Solution Link all pages you want to appear in the active site,then resubmit.

Error: File Rename

Problem GoLive needs to automatically rename the file when thedesign is submitted. For example, if you have a file named"espresso.html" that already exists in the "stay_awake" folder of yoursite, creating a file with the same name and folder designation willforce GoLive to rename it "espresso1.html" when the design is submitted.

Solution To avoid this automatic name change, rename the filemanually, then resubmit.

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