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5 Reasons Why People Should Upgrade to OS X

Memory protection keeps OS X running smoothly, so even when your applications stop, OS X keeps going, and going, and going. . . .

You get all the benefits of UNIX without the drawback of having to learn UNIX commands like grep XX file && lp file.

Be the first on your block to own a consumer operating system with the ability to display PostScript and print files in PDF format from the OS without requiring any other software.

Portable computer users can plug into different networks without having to constantly rejigger their computer's settings.

It's the future of Apple and the Mac, and it's here. Best of all, it's a future that lets you gracefully move out of the past, thanks to Classic's backward compatibility.

5 Reasons Why People Should Not Upgrade to OS X

Owing to the lack of OS X-savvy applications, users who want to get anything done will end up spending a lot of time in Classic mode -- therefore eliminating most of OS X's performance benefits.

Would-be CD burners and DVD aficianados have to wait until April before OS X can handle creating CDs or playing DVDs.

The 9.1 operating system works fine for everyday use -- and can even handle Carbonized applications.

You don't own a G3 computer that came straight from Apple. Those of you who upgraded to G3? Sorry, upgrade cards currently don't support OS X.

Any OS 9 application that needs to talk to the hardware will not run in Classic mode on OS X. Retrospect users, this means you.

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