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PhotoWebber 1.0

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Many Web sites are conceived in Adobe Photoshop and stay there for most of their gestation. But if they're ever to be born, those pages have to survive the treacherous process of being taken apart and reassembled in HTML. One shortcut for converting your layered file from Photoshop into a Web page is Media Lab's PhotoWebber 1.0.4. This utility slices up the graphics and writes the HTML code to piece everything back together perfectly in your browser.

PhotoWebber handles the Photoshop-to-Web conversion very intelligently. For instance, it samples the color from the background layer in Photoshop and makes that the Web page's background color. You can easily add frames and drag them around for precise positioning, and Photoshop's layer-naming convention allows PhotoWebber to create rollovers and pop-ups for interactive buttons. PhotoWebber's only serious omission is its lack of a way to preview the compression of graphics.

Beethoven Rollover: PhotoWebber's browser preview lets you ensure that your Photoshop layers work properly as rollovers and pop-ups.

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