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Font Reserve Server 1.0

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At first glance, Font Reserve Server 1.0 looks very similar to plain old Font Reserve ( Reviews , April 2000). But this version is made especially for service bureaus and ad agencies that work with numerous font-reliant projects, and it's an entirely different animal. Font Reserve Server gives administrators complete control over a workgroup's font access, with only a minimal learning curve.

Have No Fear

Font Reserve Server's only drawback is its need for a Windows NT server. But strange as it may seem, this is actually a Mac-only product. After installing the Windows portion, which includes fonts in Mac format, you can leave the server in a closet -- the client and administration software resides on the Mac.

Conflict-Free Zone

The client software includes all the sorting, searching, and informational features that users of the regular Font Reserve enjoy, depending on the level of access granted by the administrator. Each client connects to the server via a program called Font Reserve Proxy, and because it's an application rather than an extension, it can be used with any number of start-up sets.

The Font Reserve Server browser handles all the administration. Its clean interface with clearly labeled icons makes it very easy to learn. The administrator can set up workgroups and sets within workgroups, or import privileges from one user or group to another.

The administrator can also change any client's access privileges in real time. We tested this on a remote server 400 miles distant via DSL, and there was no lag between making changes and seeing them applied.

But the most compelling and outstanding aspect of Font Reserve Server is its font-caching ability. Even though a user may be accessing a font from the remote server, if that connection is cut off, the activated fonts remain usable on the client's system. Closing the specific document -- or the application, for that matter -- will not delete access to the font sets needed, as long as the client's computer doesn't need a restart.

No New Tricks to Learn: The Font Reserve Server browser has the familiar interface of Font Reserve's single-client edition.

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