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Aladdin Transporter 1.0

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Do you spend a lot of time performing repetitive e-mail, file-handling, and FTP tasks? Aladdin Transporter 1.0 lets you create desktop icons, called transporters that automate these activities. For example, you can drop files on transporters to compress them into StuffIt or Zip archives and then e-mail or FTP them to a particular person or site. In addition to automating your own activities, you can share transporters with others. For instance, you could make one that lets people log on to your password-protected FTP site and upload files.

Creating transporters is a relatively simple process-you choose script steps and set options-but it can be hard to get the logic right. Transporters that present choices (via a dialog box) can be particularly confusing to design.

Mail transporters send messages and files through your e-mail program. However, Transporter can't tell whether your e-mail program is set to compress attached files. If it is, your files will be compressed twice, first by Transporter and then by your e-mail program.

Constructing a Transporter: You can create a transporter with a wizard (lower right) or by choosing actions (upper right).
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