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1. A judge's ruling means the end of Napster as we know it. Under the new rules, founder Shawn Fanning drives to your home to swap mix tapes he recorded off the radio.

2. Sony buys Virtual Game Station from Connectix. Just goes to show that if you can't beat 'em, buy 'em. Then beat 'em.

3. You can now buy a G4 Cube for less than the price of an iMac SE. At the rate Apple's cutting Cube prices, by Christmas you'll be able to get one for a couple of sawbucks and a stick of gum.

4. Nvidia's GeForce3 graphics chip will debut in Mac systems before it hits PCs. Imagine the terrible humiliation of discovering that your Sims are better looking than you are.

5. New Flower Power and Blue Dalmatian iMacs were designed by Apple to "look like music." As long as we're talking about John Tesh's music, we agree.

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