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Chooser Begone

Over the years, the Mac OS's Chooser has confused many a user. It has served as a hodge-podge gateway to file servers, printers, fax modems, and in some cases even scanners. Now these functions are clearly separated. The Chooser's printer-selection function is integrated into the printing sheet, which replaces OS 9's Print dialog. When you press command-P to print a document from an OS X-native application, a printing sheet drops down from the document window's title bar. From here, you can choose any printer you've added to your printer list. Networked laser printers show up in the same list with USB ink-jets. No more trips to the Chooser before each print job! By the way, OS X applications also use sheets when you save a file.

Learning Acrobatics OS X has PDF support built in, so you can create a PDF version of your document from any OS X-native application. PDF files can be opened and displayed by Acrobat Reader. PDF is the format used most commonly to distribute formatted documents on the Internet. Regardless of what application you use to create your document, when you save it as a PDF, other people need only Acrobat Reader to view it. This built-in PDF-generation capability also enables you to create a preview of a document before you print it, so that what you see is really what you get.

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