Apple's Eventful Year

It's been an eventful year for Apple and the Mac market since Steve Jobs's last keynote at Macworld Expo in New York.

July 2000

* Jobs unveils the G4 Cube, revised iMacs, and multiprocessor G4s at Macworld Expo.

August 2000

* Apple announces release date for Mac OS X beta.

September 2000

* Mac OS X beta arrives along with new iBooks.

* Apple issues a profit warning.

* Rumors of an Apple retail chain begin to surface.

* Customers complain of crack-like mold lines in the Cube's casing.

October 2000

* Apple gives users an early glimpse of the unfinished QuickTime 5.

* Apple offers rebates on Cube and PowerBooks.

* Apple reports a $170 million profit amid slumping sales.

November 2000

* Facing slow sales, Apple drops exclusive online deals for its hardware.

* Mac users report power switch problems.

* An Apple executive tells third-party retailers that the company won't open its own stores, as rumors of Apple's retail strategy continue.

December 2000

* Apple warns that it expects a first-quarter loss of $225 million to $250 million.

January 2001

* Jobs announces a Mac OS X ship date and debuts faster Power Mac G4s with built-in CD-RW drives and the new Titanium PowerBook G4. Two new applications -- iTunes and iDVD also appear.

* Apple reports its first quarterly loss in three years.

February 2001

* iMacs get new colors and CD-RW drives.

* Apple cuts Cube prices and adds a CD-RW drive.

March 2001

* Apple unveils Mac OS X.

* An Apple firmware update disables RAM that doesn't meet Apple specifications.

April 2001

* Apple returns to profitability with a net profit of $43 million.

* The 667MHz Power Mac G4 gets dropped from Apple's product lineup.

May 2001

* Apple introduces a thinner, lighter iBook.

* Apple launches plan for nationwide chain of retail stores, with the first ones opening in McLean, Virginia and Glendale, California.

* Jobs exhorts Mac developers to release Mac OS X-native applications.

June 2001

* The number of Carbonized applications begins to grow.

July 2001

* Apple suspends production of the G4 Cube.

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