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Voodoo Personal 2.0

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For years, software developers have relied on version-control systems to keep track of multiple editions of their source code. Now Voodoo Personal brings this power to anyone who needs to save and recover revisions to any type of file, created in any application. Whenever you create a version that you might want to retrieve later, you instruct Voodoo to put a copy of the file in its archive. To conserve disk space, Voodoo stores only the differences between versions and uses those differences to re-create an entire file.

In the History window, you can see a summary of all the file revisions you've kept. Voodoo lacks a built-in file viewer, but you can open any file in the archive using the application that created it. To revert to an earlier version, you use the Fetch command to retrieve it from the archive and save it under any name you specify.

Voodoo superficially resembles Power On Software's Rewind (3.5 mice; Reviews, April 2001); however, the latter isn't designed to manage file revisions. For example, only Voodoo lets you add comments on document changes to your files and manage variants of files.

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Nonprogrammers may find Voodoo Personal's terminology somewhat intimidating, and the tutorial illustrates the mechanics of version control without adequately explaining the underlying concepts. Once you get the hang of it, though, you'll find Voodoo Personal an indispensable tool.

Old Versions: The History window lets you see all your revisions at a glance.
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