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Some days, the sight of virtual rivals getting blown away just isn't vivid enough for the serious Mac-gaming enthusiast. Sure, you've got your stunning graphics for maximum blood 'n' guts visuals. But you can't feel the action. Rejoice, little shooter: the RumbleFX headphones from Evergreen Technologies (541/757-0934, ) let you feel the sweet, basso-profundo rumble of a frag grenade ripping a hole through your opponent's armored vehicle. RumbleFX headphones contain a built-in subwoofer, complete with vibrator, to maximize the bass--whether it's coming from a Quake explosion or the Jungle Brothers' beats. Users can adjust the vibration and volume levels through the built-in power amplifier; you don't have to liquefy your eardrums. The $40 headphones connect via an audio minijack and will work with all of your current games and music. Just plug in and get ready to rumble.

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