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Everyone's talking fonts lately--not about a new font-management product or a How-to article on choosing fonts, but about the typeface we use in Macworld. With our July 2001 issue, Sabon became our primary editorial font, and our readers seem thankful. Speaking of things that are easy on the eyes, Apple's Newton continues to fascinate (if the response to Andy Ihnatko's column on the potential for an Apple handheld is an accurate gauge). Let's hope for Apple's sake that any Newton successors feature the right font. mSabon C'est Bon larman afagh Thank you so much for changing the font used in article text (July 2001). I found the previous font, used since September 2000's redesign, to be difficult to read and hard to distinguish from ad text. Bravo on the latest font change, which resolves those problems!

sron goldman After looking like one giant ad for the past few months, Macworld has finally returned to a readable editorial font. Now, how about fleshing out the pages with more articles, more tech facts, and more ratings comparisons?

About That iBook . . .

lmatthew j. becherer I bought the iBook base model ("The New iBook: Big Thing, Small Package," Buzz, July 2001), and I think it's a wonderful and versatile machine. In short, I love it. It does everything my desktop can do--and faster. My only gripe concerns the keyboard. It's complete cheese. The delete key has fallen off twice; the return key has fallen of once. This is not the kind of behavior I expect from an otherwise excellent and well-produced product.

Newton's Law lrobin newberry I'll bet you think it's very funny to get a reader's pulse racing for no reason, as you did mine with Andy Ihnatko's latest column ("Newton's Ghost," July 2001). Not too long after I bought my Newton MessagePad 2100, Apple discontinued production. Then you go and run a photo-realistic picture of the Apple "iPad." The thought of such a device--an updated Newton working with today's G4s--caused my brain to swivel in its casing. I read the article while mopping the drool out of my lap, only to discover that Ihnatko was just whining because an Apple-made Newton replacement isn't yet available. That wasn't a nice trick to play on your loyal readers.

ltony glaser Ihnatko's column was dead on the money. I've used my Newton MessagePad 2100 every day for the last few years, in all kinds of rough-and-tumble situations, and while I crave something smaller and in color, no other product can compare. The day a Pocket PC finally beats it will be the day I forsake Macs and buy a PC--unless someone finds an easy way to sync Pocket PCs and Macs.

We're not encouraging people to adopt Pocket PCs, but an easy way to sync them with Macs is in the works. Type Pocket PC in's Search box for more details.--Ed.

No Print for Writer sandy mennick I was sad to see your online-only, truncated review of Nisus Writer 6.0. In addition to Microsoft Word, there are several Mac word processors. Burying their reviews on the Web won't encourage users to look at the variety out there. The folks at Nisus (who incidentally may provide the best customer support in the business) deserve better, as do Mac users.

sPost your comments on our forums (www or send them by mail tolLetters, Macworld, 301 Howard St., 16th Fl., San Francisco, CA 94105; via fax to 415/442-0766; or electronically to Include a return address and daytime phone number. Due to the high volume of mail received, we can't respond personally to each letter. We reserve the right to edit all letters and posts. All published letters and forum comments become the property of Macworld.CorrectionAn update to August 2001's Web Publishing Secrets has been posted at To see a correctly filled-in Find And Replace dialog box and a correction to the code that appears in page 78's third paragraph, visit

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