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Macworld's Wireless Networking and Cross-Platform product reviews and feature articles

In the November 2001 issue of Macworld, we showed you how to incorporate a PC into an AirPort wireless network of Macs. Now your dual-platform household can share files wirelessly as well as use the same broadband Internet connection.

To round out your networking knowledge, below we've provided some other Macworld articles we hope you'll find useful.

How's your network set up? To offer feedback on wireless networking and cross-platform coverage, or to ask questions about networking, go to Macworld 's Networking and Internet forum.

Wireless Networking product reviews and feature articles

Home Network Home
Your High-Tech Home
Michael Penwarden shows you the basics of creating an affordable network -- wired or wireless -- in your home.

Wireless Wonder
Cut Loose
Networking used to mean running cables throughout your home, setting up a router, and a host of other über-geeky activities. But with the introduction of AirPort, wireless networking for the Mac becomes possible. Our feature article gives you the lowdown on this new wireless world.

AirPort Security
Could Your AirPort Come Under Siege?
If you think your AirPort network is secure, think again. Several research groups have found that the security of the data that flits around your wireless network is not as ironclad as you may assume. Stephan Somogyi explains what it all means.

See EE Times for More Wireless Security Coverage
Cipher Attack Delivers Heavy Blow to WLAN Security
Even with WEP Encryption, breaking news in August 2001 shows that 802.11b is not immune to people trying to "listen in" on your network. Macworld advises you to proceed with caution as you set up your AirPort network.

Real-Life AirPort
Cutting the Ties that Bind
Apple has a way of pushing new technologies into the mainstream. It happened with the mouse and the 3.5-inch floppy, and it's happening again with wireless networking, thanks to AirPort. It's not just for geeks, as Adam C. Engst and his family can attest.

Wireless Speaker Transmitters
Through Thin Air
Did you know that it's possible to play music on your Mac through your stereo -- wirelessly? Forget about dealing with a tangle of cables.

Networking and Internet forum

Cross-Platform product reviews and feature articles

Your PC Passport

PC MacLAN 7.2 for Windows 95/98 4.5 mice.

DAVE 2.0 4.5 mice.

Broadband Internet Access

Share Your Speedy Internet
Simultaneous Surfing
These days, it seems as though the whole world either is on the Internet or wants to be -- which probably includes everyone in your house. Problem is, they all want to surf at the same time. Here's a step-by-step guide to sharing one high-speed connection on several Macs.

Wireless Broadband Routers
Leaving the AirPort
The Apple AirPort Base Station isn't the only wireless networking solution anymore: wireless broadband routers deliver wireless technology and network-sharing capability at an affordable price. Brett Larson weighs the pros and cons of five routers.

Internet Sharing Made Simple
How to Set Up a Broadband Router
If you have a broadband Internet connection and more than one computer, it's time to face the music--you're destined to have a router. Jason Cox and Brett Larson walk you through the task of setting up and configuring one of these hardware marvels.

Dish Internet the Mac Way
Broadband in the Boonies
Up to now, if you couldn't get DSL or a cable modem you were out of luck. The only satellite service out there in the boonies, DirecPC, was PC-only and required a slow modem connection for uploads. The new StarBand system is a two-way satellite Internet system that claims to be PC-only, but our Chris Breen got it to work with his AirPort and all his Macs.

Networking in OS X

AppleTalk Only for Printing? Now What?
Mac OS X Secrets
Macintosh networking has seen some changes since OS 9 and earlier, not the least of which is the widespread use of the industry standard TCP/IP in OS X. If you want to do basic tasks like file sharing with earlier Macs, you'll need to get up to speed on the changes made to the familiar Mac-networking landscape. Follow Shelly Brisbin as she shows you how to set up networking in OS X.

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