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Extreme Z-IP 2.0

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The Macintosh file-sharing service built into Windows transfers files very slowly compared with Windows' native file sharing. Group Logic's Extreme Z-IP 2.01 more than doubles TCP/IP file-transfer speeds for Mac OS 9 and OS X users and makes server access easier as well (although Apple's promised Windows file-sharing support in OS X 10.1 may relegate Extreme Z-IP to OS 9 systems).

Extreme Z-IP runs under Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server or Professional (the workstation edition) to provide file and printer sharing via TCP/IP. The program lets Mac users share any Windows directory or-with the optional printer-sharing component, which starts at $675 for ten users-any Windows printer.

Once it's running on a Windows server, Extreme Z-IP lets Mac users see each Windows share as a separate volume in the Chooser or Network Browser. It uses Server Location Protocol to let Mac users choose

from a list of available servers, and it supports long- and encrypted-password authentication.

Macworld's Buying Advice

Extreme Z-IP's Server edition is pricey, but it speeds file transfers by at least 100 percent and costs much less than upgrading to Windows 2000 Server. Small groups can run the Workstation edition on the less expensive Windows 2000 Professional.

Looks Like a Mac Server Extreme Z-IP's interface looks like any other Mac server's.
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