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Rewind 1.2

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Our first look at Power On Software's Rewind--a utility designed to restore your Mac's hard drive to a previous saved state--left us unimpressed by the program's performance. Rewind 1.2 corrects most of version 1.1's problems (mmmh; Reviews, April 2001): it doesn't constantly access the hard drive when updating its database, and it more quickly releases free hard-drive space.

However, some reliability problems remain. For example, after upgrading a PowerBook G4 from Mac OS 9.1 to Mac OS 9.2.1, I pressed the R key in an attempt to

boot from Rewind's Emergency Disk--a virtual startup drive set aside on the Mac's hard drive--but I was unsuccessful. I worked around the problem by deleting the Emergency Disk and replacing it with a new one created in OS 9.2.1. Then, after I rewound back to OS 9.1, booted from the Emergency Disk, and attempted to rewind back to OS 9.2.1, the PowerBook refused to boot up.

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Although Rewind is getting better, there's still room for improvement. It can get you out of some sticky situations--but you shouldn't use it in lieu of a comprehensive backup strategy.

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