Apple updates Power Macs, releases 20-inch display

Apple on Tuesday updated its desktop Power Mac G4 computers incorporating technologies first introduced during Macworld Conference & Expo earlier this month. The Power Mac got a slight speed increase, with the high-end system running at 1.42GHz. Apple also introduced a new 20.1-inch wide-screen flat panel display that replaces the company's 22-inch Cinema Display.

Apple revved the high-end Power Mac to 1.42GHz, while adding FireWire 800 and internal support for 54Mbps AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth wireless networking. The Power Mac G4 line now features a single 1GHz, dual 1.25GHz and dual 1.42GHz processors with prices ranging from US$1,499 to $3,799. Click to read the full story at MacCentral.

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