Disney boss accuses Apple of fostering piracy

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Walt Disney Co. president and CEO Michael Eisner has taken computer makers, including Apple, to task for fostering piracy. Eisner's comments appear in an article entitled Mouse grouse: Dis boss lays into computer biz. (Unfortunately, the full article is available to subscribers only.)

Eisner's comments came as he testified before the United States Senate Commerce Committee about the potential threat that computer use has to music and movie distribution. Eisner accused the computer industry of considering piracy its new "killer app." He singled out Apple's "Rip, Mix, Burn" ad campaign of 2001 as an example of this type of behavior.

Apple's ad campaign suggested to potential buyers "that they can create a theft if they buy this computer," said Eisner, who otherwise ignored Apple's iPod ad campaign, which features prominent warnings against stealing music.

Eisner's comments come as congress considers legislation known as the Security Systems Standards and Certification Act. The act would require computer makers and consumer electronics makers to install technology which would prevent such devices from being able to duplicate copyrighted media, including CDs, DVDs, digital music and movies and more.

This story, "Disney boss accuses Apple of fostering piracy" was originally published by PCWorld.

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