Ambrosia releases Escape Velocity Nova

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Ambrosia Software Inc. has released Escape Velocity Nova, the third game in the popular Escape Velocity series. If you're unfamiliar with Escape Velocity, it's an interesting mix of action, adventure and other gaming elements.

Escape Velocity Nova

In Escape Velocity Nova, mankind has spread out into interstellar space, populating dozens of planets orbiting stars near and far from Earth and the Sun. You start out by assuming the role of a new shuttlecraft pilot (male or female, your choice). You travel from system to system with cargo and passengers on board, earning money as you get each to their destination. You can pick what you're hauling from a variety of different missions at each star system, and sometimes you can pick up special assignments that pay even more money.

The money you earn can be used to outfit your ship, improving its cargo or defensive capabilities, or its performance. Save enough credits, and you can buy a new, larger, faster and better ship altogether.

The new game sports 16-bit graphics across the board for the first time, and a new universe to explore. Your actions will affect the outcome of six different major storylines in the game, as well. The engine has been rewritten, according to Ambrosia. Ships now bank and animate, transparency effects are used for engine glows, weapons, running lights and more.

Although Escape Velocity Nova is already in distribution through various online servers (including Apple' iDisk), and Ambrosia Software is using this week's Macworld Expo Tokyo to publicly debut the software. The Escape Velocity Nova development team will demo the game in the Mac OS X game pavilion and giving away CDs.

Distributed as shareware, Escape Velocity Nova costs US$30 to register. The software requires Mac OS 8.6 or higher, and runs natively on Mac OS X.

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