Diablo 2, Lord of Destruction OS X patches released

Blizzard Entertainment has release patches to its popular game Diablo II and its official expansion pack release, Lord of Destruction. The new updates enable the games to be played natively on Mac OS X. The updates make good on a promise the company previously made to get out the OS X updates by the end of this quarter.

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"As part of our continuing support of the Macintosh gaming community, Blizzard Entertainment has released an add-on for Diablo II and the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion for Mac OS X. Macintosh gamers using the new OSX (v10.1 and subsequent versions) will now be able to play the blockbuster hit Diablo II in Carbonized form," said Blizzard public relations coordinator Beau Yarbrough.

Diablo II and Lord of Destruction are action games set in a fantasy world filled with monsters and creatures. The game was originally released a couple of years ago and has proven be enormously popular on both Mac OS and Windows. Diablo II was released almost simultaneously for Mac OS and Windows -- only about a month a part -- and the expansion pack Lord of Destruction was released simultaneously for both platforms.

Diablo II was released before Mac OS X debuted, even as a public beta, so neither Diablo II nor Lord of Destruction up until now have featured native support for Mac OS X. Earlier this year Blizzard committed to releasing a "Carbon" update for both applications to enable them to support Mac OS X natively.

It's the second time the popular game developer and publisher -- which handles its own Mac conversions in-house -- has released a Mac OS X update to one of its older titles. Previously, Blizzard released an OS X update to its popular futuristic real time strategy game Starcraft and Starcraft's expansion pack Brood War.

Blizzard is currently working on Warcraft III, a new game based on the company's first widely successful franchise. Billed as a "role playing strategy game" (or RPS), Warcraft III will also be available for both Mac and Windows, and will support Mac OS X out of the box.

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