Original Apple 1 up for auction

An original Apple 1, designed by Steve Wozniak, is up for auction this weekend under the auspices of the Vintage Computer Festival, reports Rupert Goodwins for ZDNet News . The Vintage Computer Festival is a West Coast organization devoted to keeping the memories of ancient hardware alive.

Woz designed the Apple 1 while he worked for HP; convinced the product wasn't going to sell, HP gave Wozniak all rights when Steve Jobs convinced him to leave the company -- the rest is history.

"The Apple 1 is of historic interest, not just because of its importance in the company story. It was the first all-in-one microcomputer that could hook up to a keyboard and a monitor and work straight away -- prior to this, home computers had switches and lights, or needed extra circuitry to display text," reports ZDNet. "Only around 50 are thought to have survived, following a part-exchange deal where Apple swapped two Apple 1s for one Apple II and destroyed the older computers."

The Apple 1 sold for US$666.66 new. The highest price paid for one of the systems was $50,000; Vintage Computer Festival expects to get in the "mid-teens" at this weekend's auction.

This story, "Original Apple 1 up for auction" was originally published by PCWorld.

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