NueMD promises platform independent solutions

Nuesoft, a company that specializes in medical management solutions, has a new product that it says opens the physician market and mission critical application to Mac OS X and Linux users (as well as Windows fans) by offering complete freedom from desktop and platform dependence.

The application is NueMD, an ASP (Application Service Provider) based application developed with Sun's Java platform. The physician practice and clinical management system is deployed via the Internet. However, the technology isn't limited to physician/medical applications and can improve the performance and security of many other mission critical business applications that are currently delivered over the Internet, according to Nuesoft CEO Massoud Alibakhsh.

Andy Fragen, a surgeon in Coachella Valley, CA, has been using Macs since 1985 and has said that he would only use a PC under "extreme duress."

"When I found out NueMD could run natively on OS X, I was hooked," he said. "Our network consists of both PCs (running Windows 98 and Windows NT) and Macs (running OS X). At no time did NueMD even care which machine I was working on or where I was, office or home."

NueMD is based on a monthly subscription fee and boasts data encryption technology. Low monthly subscription fee (low up-front costs). Alibakhsh said NueMD offers real-time connectivity, allowing interactive online eligibility verification, claims submission, and statement processing. You can access records and data from anywhere at any time, comprehensive patient registration, appointment scheduling systems, free online real-time support and online training classes. Upgrades, backups and other technical maintenance are free of charge, Alibakhsh said.

This story, "NueMD promises platform independent solutions" was originally published by PCWorld.

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