Ambrosia's Bubble Trouble released for OS X

Mac shareware game and utility publisher Ambrosia Software announced today the release of Bubble Trouble X, a version of its classic arcade game newly updated for Mac OS X compatibility.

Bubble Trouble

Ambrosia describes Bubble Trouble as "splatball for insufferably cute seafaring critters (hey, they need their fun too)." You control Blinky the Fish. Blinky can move bubbles, which will crush enemies. There are objects in bubbles, too, and by making them pop, you can help Blinky earn bonus points.

The game features cartoon-style animated creatures and great sound effects and music, so make sure to give it a try if you're looking for a fun, fast-paced diversion.

Bubble Trouble X requires a G3-equipped Mac or better, and Mac OS 8.6 or higher (including, of course, Mac OS X). If you're already a registered Bubble Trouble user, you can upgrade to the OS X version for $5. Otherwise, registration costs $15.

This story, "Ambrosia's Bubble Trouble released for OS X" was originally published by PCWorld.

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