Wired: Jobs doesn't want to be President

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs doesn't want to run the country, at least for now. That's the word from a new Wired article that talks about the Steve Jobs for U.S. President campaign, started by William Foster.

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Foster claims his Web site got about 10,000 hits in 10 minutes, and garnered donations and e-mails in support of the idea. Some traffic was driven by the "News for Nerds" Web site Slashdot.

The campaign hoped to draft Jobs as a candidate for the Democratic Party in 2004. Wired reports that Jobs and his wife Laurene are big Democratic Party boosters, offering at least $250,000 in combined donations since 1996, once having Bill Clinton as a houseguest during his term as President, and even making an overnight stay in the White House's Lincoln bedroom during the Clinton era.

Alas, it appears that Apple's head honcho isn't interested in the gig. After talking with Jobs' personal assistant, Foster decided to keep the site offline, which had been overwhelmed with traffic after its launch. Jobs' assistant told him that he was flattered, but was ultimately too committed to his family to make a bid for the Oval Office.

Author Alan Deutschman, who wrote the unauthorized biography The Second Coming of Steve Jobs , told Wired that Jobs is too mercurial to be Commander-in-Chief. Calling Steve's current role "more akin to benevolent dictator than to president," Deutschman suggested that Jobs would probably tell senators "that they were bozos."

Foster could be on to something, however: With so much talk every election season about political and governmental reform, a "Think Different" campaign could be quite on target. Maybe Jobs will have a change of heart by 2008.

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