REBOL 'Internet Operating System' bound for OS X

REBOL Technologies has announced support for Mac OS X for its entire line of products. REBOL (pronounced "rebel") makes a messaging language for distributed Internet applications, along with an "Internet operating system." The company plans to make its products available for Jaguar.

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REBOL is an acronym for Relative Expression-Based Object Language. Optimized for distributed collaborative applications, REBOL is a small, portable architecture to enable small applications called "Reblets" to run. The company said that once REBOL and its SDK are available for OS X, REBOL developers will be able to bring forth more than 1,000 new applications to the Mac.

REBOL founder, inventor and chairman Carl Sassenrath said the time is right for OS X support, thanks to a strengthening market. "The request for implementation and support of our products on OS X has become the #1 most frequently asked question in the expanding community of REBOL users," he said.

Sassenrath likened his company's decision to support OS X to "returning home" -- Sassenrath himself was a manager at Apple's own Advanced Technology Group at one time. Sassenrath was also the architect of the Commodore Amiga operating system.

The company has begun porting the REBOL kernel to OS X. Beta releases of REBOL/Core are anticipated to go out this month. REBOL's View, Pro, SDK and Command products will follow, with the Internet Operating System (IOS) coming in spring.

This story, "REBOL 'Internet Operating System' bound for OS X" was originally published by PCWorld.

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