Tangerine Travels #6: To Whom It May Concern

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Hopefully you survived the holidays and (if you were lucky enough to attend) Macworld Expo. Well, obviously you have, since you're reading this. But who knows? Maybe you lost limbs using the new saw you got from Santa. Fortunately, I didn't have to return any of my gifts this year, and my exhaustion from a grueling Expo -- especially from all those parties! -- is finally ebbing.

Have you ever picked up your mother's or grandmother's old cookbooks and looked at all the wonderful meat dishes? The crispy pages yellowed with age and cooking oil, nestled in an orange binder with oddly-colored pictures of meat, meat, and even more meat -- plus pies and cakes and stuff. It's amazing anyone survived this long to show you the books after eating all that unhealthy food!

If your childhood wasn't filled with such delight -- or maybe if you're considering going vegetarian and need some good reasons to take the plunge -- check out this site. It has pictures of classic '50s-style meat products; large, fatty, hunks of meat still dripping with fat and merely decorated with vegetables. Yum? My favorite item? A picture of Eleanor Roosevelt and her declaration of love... for the hot dog.

I'm not sure who Joshua -- the creator of Advanced and Obscure Occulted Science -- is, but he wanted us to link to his page, and, well, I guess we are. But probably not the way he wanted us to. Joshua has details on how to transmute one element into another -- something I know I've always wanted to learn. Also, read a quick non-technical introduction on antigravity and how to use it. Perhaps you want Joshua to call someone you love and have him sing them a song. It's only $5! What a great gift idea!

Just don't drink Joshua's Kool-Aid.

I'm happy to see that my readers are keeping an eye out for the best the web has to offer. Friends, TVParty.com is good. It features everything from never-before-seen video clips to the jingles and network promotional videos ABC used during the '70s and '80s.

There's even an entire section devoted to the laugh track with, of course, RealAudio files of actual laugh tracks. Oh, and don't forget to check out the '70s game show section.

If you're like me, you want to be sure someone knows when they've done something wrong. Bad service? Did their product break, yet no one seemed to care? My friends, you need Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint Letter Generator ! Simply fill in the necessary blanks, click a few buttons, and decide whether it's a person or a company/organization you're complaining to, and Voilà! The magic of the Internet gives you a complaint letter. You can even select the number of paragraphs, for those of you who like hearty, long-winded complaints.

Now, if you're thinking about generating one of these complaints and sending it my way, I won't be fooled! I'll spot that faster than one of those "Just sign your name to this Xeroxed protest letter from the home office" things. But even if you're just doing it for fun... you've got to check this out.

Keep those site suggestions coming. I always love a good laugh, and I love a bad web site even more! Take the ever-so-serious Y2K Food Storage site. Once a big deal, now just a scrap of Y2K nostalgia. It's sad. But that's life in the 21st Century.

Brett Larson hosts an interactive Public Access Cable show called "You and Your Pets: When It's Okay to Tell Fluffy No!" Send him your Web site suggestions for Tangerine Travels at brett_larson@macworld.com.

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