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Here is a list that I have compiled of the applications optimized for use with the G4's AltiVec subprocessor, also known as Velocity Engine. As companies ship (or are very close to shipping) G4 accelerated software, I'll post them here.

Over time, more and more applications will be optimized for the G4 and the list should grow. However, I only have one pair of eyes -- if you notice an overlooked product, let the Hardware Helper know at david_read@macworld.com. In your e-mail, please tell me as much as you know about the product -- the company, the product name and version number, when it became or will be optimized for the G4, and what portions of the product have been optimized. I'll then verify it, post it here, and send you a quick thank-you note.

Mac OS
  • OpenGL
  • G4 Mac OS Libraries
    • vBasicOps
    • vBigNum
    • vectorOps
    • vMathLib
MP3 Encoding and Playback
  • SoundJam MP (Casady & Greene)
  • Macast Lite 2 (@Soft)
Audio Compression/Manipulation
  • Peak (Bias)
  • QDesign Music Codec 2 Professional Encoder (QDesign)
  • Logic Audio 4.1 (Emagic)
  • Chorusifier VST Plug-In (Green Oak)
3D Modeling/Animation/Rendering
  • LightWave 6 (Newtek)
  • Cinema 4D 6.0 SE (Maxon)
  • Carrara (Metacreations)
  • Amorphuim (Play)
Digital Video
  • Media 100 Version 6.0
  • Media 100 Version 5.5.3 (downloadable update for Version 5.5)
  • Heuris MPEG Export Engine
  • Heuris MPEG Power Professional 2.0
  • M.Pack 3.5.1 (Astarte)
  • DVD Fusion (Sonic Solutions)
  • Media Cleaner Pro (Terran Interactive)
  • Commotion 2.2 (Puffin Designs)
  • Final Cut Pro 1.2 (Apple)
  • Adobe Premiere 5.1 (via beta plug-in)
Image Editing
  • Adobe Photoshop 5.5 (Plug-Ins)
Drawing, Illustration
  • Canvas 7 (Deneba)
2D Animation, Motion Graphics
  • Adobe After Effects 4.1 (Plug-Ins)
  • Animation Stand (Linker Systems)
QuickTime and other Multimedia
  • Director 8 (Macromedia)
  • Sorenson Video Developer Edition 2.1
  • Pulitzer MPEG Export Engine (Heuris)
Web Server Software
  • WebStar Server Suite 4.2 (StarNine)
  • distributed.net PPC client 2.8007-458 (distributed.net)
Web Graphics
  • Fireworks 3 (Macromedia)
Software Emulation
  • Virtual PC 3.0 (Connectix)

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