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Welcome to the new Macworld.com. In conjunction with a redesign of our print magazine (which many of you will be seeing very soon), we've reorganized and redesigned the Macworld Web site -- as you've no doubt noticed.

Among our new features are five themes, one for each day of the week: Get Inspired, Get Connected, Get Working, Get Smarter, and Get a Life. Each weekday, we'll focus on one of those themes and provide related how-to articles, product reviews, opinion, and humor.

Yes, you read correctly -- humor. One thing we've tried to do here at Macworld is change the voice of the magazine. Mac users are a fun-loving, creative bunch, and too often Macworld 's content has felt more like homework -- stuff you needed to read rather than stuff you actually wanted to read. We don't want to give up our position as knowledgeable people in the Macintosh community, but we want to be more approachable and have a lot more fun. I hope you'll be the beneficiaries.

The major new feature of the site are the subject pages. In the past, the Macworld Web site has been essentially one page deep -- a billboard with some stories on it and then nothing below it. Now, in addition to a fully functional search engine, we've assembled pages that detail all the how-tos, reviews, and news and opinion pieces we've published in the last 30 months or so -- all in different categories. For example, by visiting the USB subject page, you can see all our USB-related articles. This should make finding what you want at Macworld.com much easier.

Also, several subject areas go beyond a simple archive to become special sections of our Web site, ones that will be patrolled by Macworld 's editors and contributors -- and ones that will end up creating lively communities. Our Adobe Photoshop page is an example of that sort of page. (These special pages appear in boldface on the subject index page, which is always accessible by clicking on Subjects in the Tools menu in the top right corner of all Macworld.com pages.)

While the entire Macworld Web editorial staff is committed to making this the best Mac Web site we can, this Web site is just the first step toward that goal. We've got a lot more work to do. We'd also be happy to hear your feedback. Telling us what you like about the new site would be great, but we also want to hear what you'd like to see in the future, what doesn't work for you, and what we can do better. Because, after all, there's no point in building a Web site that no readers want to use.

Feel free to post your comments in the forum below. We'll be listening. And thanks for visiting the new Macworld.com.

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