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Classes and publications, software packages and online applications - Web developers have a wide array of tools to help them stay on top of the rapidly-changing technologies. But one of the best - and cheapest - resources any Web worker can have is a well-rounded bookmark list.

Since the Web is so big, and bookmark lists can get unwieldy, we've done some of the legwork for you. For the next ten weeks, we'll be revealing our favorite links for mastering different aspects of Web development.

This week: sites we look at before building any website. All the links below help us wrap our heads around the planning part of a Website project. These links cover everything from hiring people to laying down the site architecture to cooking up site navigation - all of which are crucial steps you have take before writing your first <html> tag. links
  • The One-Person Web Is Dead
    Jason Snell argues that the changing nature of Websites has made the one-person Website phenomenon obsolete.
  • Long Live the Site Seer
    In a follow-up article to "The One-Person Web is Dead," Jason Snell makes a case for information architect as crucial Web team member.
  • Put The Web Site Down, And Slowly Back Away
    The smartest bit of Website development you can do is think ahead, argues Jason Snell.
  • Worst Web Faux Pas
    Peter Morville identifies the three worst Website faux pas anyone can make, and offers ways to work around these missteps.
  • World Wide Web links

    Them Changes -- Maintaining Sanity When Clients Change Spec (A List Apart)
    How well will you deal with your site's last-minute change of direction? Better figure it out before you're faced with the possibility?

    Big Team, Big Problems? (A List Apart)
    The lone-wolf Web designer is becoming as rare as, well, as an actual lone wolf in the wild. Working in large groups is becoming the norm; the real question is how to do so without getting trampled by a herd mentality.

    Dream Teams (
    How do you find and keep Web workers happy? This article offers some answers from the pros.

    Anatomy of a Redesign (Webmonkey)
    This five-part tutorial walks you through the most common site redesign scenarios.

    Web navigation resources and information (Sqaure Circle)
    Web Navigation: Designing the User Experience author Jennifer Fleming has assembled a spare and helpful site for those who want to learn more about successful Web navigation strategies. To get a taste of her writing, read Web Review article Designing for Users.

    Web Architect (Web Review)
    This repository of columns addresses different facets of planning your site's organization and information architecture.

    Deconstructing Archives (Internet World)
    The complete archives of the useful "Deconstructing" feature in Internet World magazine: a panel of experts dissects a website. It's useful for absorbing a wide array of perspectives on what makes for a successful website.

    CamWorld on User-Centered Design (CamWorld)
    All-around Web guy Cameron Barrett translates the tenets of web design into practical application for hands-on codemonkeys.

    Web Navigation Tips (
    The collection of links combines how-to articles, bulletin board discussions and further resources for the navigationally-lost.

    Site Design: Designing in Quality (
    This well-organized how-to article details what steps Web designers will want to take to ensure a painless design process, from hiring people to to setting design standards.

    Enabling Extremely Rapid Navigation in Your Web or Document (AmpTone)
    An exhaustive look at website navigation strategies in online documents, this article features a mix of theory and practical application of web navigation strategies.

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