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Good grammar provides the solid structure for communicating in a given language. That sentiment goes double for online languages -- without solid, well-written markup, your Web site can sink into a stew of mistakes.

This week, Macworld shares its links for writing real-world HTML. We focus on performance in the browser. links
  • Walking the Browser Tightrope
    In case you need a strong argument for writing careful HTML, read this.
  • Transform HTML with Regular Expressions
    After you've mastered writing great HTML, master changing it quickly and efficiently. Regular expressions let you work smarter.
  • Making the Web a Faster Place
    Scholle Sawyer reveals tips for optimizing your HTML before it gets to the browser.
  • Zap Common Browser Bugs
    Unfortunately, learning HTML isn't enough; you have to learn the HTML-grammatical idiosyncracies of browsers too. This article shows you how.
  • Making Sense of XHTML
    Are there acronyms circling around your head? Get a crash course on markup-language news here.
  • World Wide Web links

    The canonical site for learning about XML.

    Lean and Mean HTML (Webmonkey)
    Learn how to optimize your code for quicker loading.

    Lean and Mean Tables (Webmonkey)
    A companion article to "Lean and Mean HTML," focusing instead on table construction.

    Streamlining Your Code (
    More tips on making everything lean and mean.

    The Web Standards Project
    A must-bookmark for everyone who wonders, "Why can't my HTML just get along?"

    Browserkit (Webmonkey)
    A huge table outlining what HTML will work on what browsers.

    Building for the 5.0 Browsers (
    A handy article outlining how to tweak your code for upper-end browsers.

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