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The Digital Frog 2

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It's a hard day to forget -- students wide-eyed as they pull pickled frog bodies from a formaldehyde jar and plop them on lab tables. Digital Frog International's The Digital Frog 2 is as close to the real experience of dissection as a student can get -- without actually touching a frog. Balancing three components (Ecology, Anatomy, and Dissection) in one interactive program, The Digital Frog 2 provides students with a detailed look at how the frog lives, its place in ecosystems across the world, its biology, and, unforgettably, what it looks like under its skin.

While the Anatomy section of the program offers information through a textbooklike approach, the Dissection part of The Digital Frog 2 provides what a textbook cannot -- layer-by-layer QuickTime dissection of three major parts of the frog: the head (eyes, mouth, brain, tympanum), body cavity, and legs. After the student uses the mouse to make cuts across the frog body on the screen, a narrated QuickTime video shows the dissection procedure on a real frog.

The Digital Frog 2 is a great tool for students to use before they encounter an actual frog in a biology lab to prepare them for an actual dissection. The program can also be used as a substitute for students who cannot participate in a dissection. However, as close as it is to the actual experience, The Digital Frog 2 is not a replacement for the real thing.

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  • Pros

    • Comprehensive ecological, anatomical, and biological information


    • Not the real thing
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