Your PC Passport: Install Services for the Macintosh

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When you have an existing Windows NT Server 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server and need to hook up a few Macs to the Windows server, Microsoft's Services for Macintosh is the answer.

Improvements in Windows 2000 Server's Services for Macintosh include support for Apple File Protocol over TCP/IP as well as for AppleTalk, a new encrypted user authentication module (UAM), reporting of the correct NTFS size and free space on shared volumes mounted on the Mac, support for new features in NTFS, support for Macs dialing in via the Remote Access control panel, and more.

To install Services for Macintosh, first make sure your hard disk is formatted with NTFS rather than FAT32 in the Disk Management aspect of the Computer Management control panel; check the Windows 2000 help for instructions on how to convert disks. In the Add/Remove Programs control panel in Windows 2000 Server, click Add/Remove Windows Components, then scroll the list until you see Other Network File And Print Services. Double-click that item; inside it, check the boxes next to File Services For Macintosh and Print Services For Macintosh, then click OK.

Depending on your preexisting setup, you may need to create a shared folder: choose Open Control Panel

Administrative Tools
Computer Management
Shared Folders
Shares, then choose New File Share from the Action menu and work through the Create Shared Folder wizard. Also make sure the Macintosh users have user names: choose Open Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Computer Management
Local Users and Groups.
Users, then choose New User from the Action menu and fill in the New User dialog box.

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