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Those who fail to learn from history must be doomed to make Apple's "Think Different" ads. The award-winning commercials imply that the likes of Jackie Robinson and Albert Einstein would have been card-carrying Mac users -- a neat trick, since most of the folks in the company's ads had shuffled off this mortal coil by the time the Mac debuted. But what if a rip in the time-space continuum allowed us to hand out new iBooks to Mohandas Gandhi and Miles Davis? Some interesting tech-support calls, to say the least.

DIED:  1931, 53 years before introduction of the Mac. 
FAVORITE HARDWARE:  Power Mac 7300 with a 400MHz G4 upgrade card. 
FAVORITE APPLICATION:  SoundJam MP, turned up really loud. 
MOST LIKELY TO:  Crack open the computer and replace the ROM with a new model made from a wax cylinder. 
WHAT HE SAYS:  "Invention is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." --Sounds like a man who tried using Word 6.

DIED:  1937, 39 years before the founding of Apple. 
FAVORITE HARDWARE:  Tangerine 64MB iBook, for its rugged case and portability on those long transatlantic flights.
  MOST LIKELY TO:  Install DeLorme Earthmate GPS Receiver and Street Atlas 6.0 bundle before ill-fated flight around the world. 
WHAT SHE SAYS:  "Courage is the price that life extracts for granting peace with yourself." -- And $179.95 is the price of that Earthmate and Street Atlas bundle.

DIED:  1973, 11 years before installation of MacPaint on the Mac. 
FAVORITE HARDWARE: Blueberry iMac DV during Blue Period. Strawberry iMac during Rose Period. 
FAVORITE APPLICATION:  Carrara 1.0, not--as you might suspect--Painter. 
MOST LIKELY TO:  Custom-design his own iCards using scenes from Guernica.
  WHAT HE SAYS:  "Painting is stronger than me; it makes me do what it wants." --Nowadays they say the same thing about Microsoft

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