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I have a comment about the cover of the June issue: too much magenta.

This is an unintended side effect of digitally "fixing" dogs.--Ed.

I have a Macintosh 6100/60 AV purchased in 1994, and there was not even a mention of options for NuBus Macs in "Bridge the Gap" (June 2000). I guess this means there are no options, but couldn't you at least tell us that?

Not even Evel Knievel would dare to bridge that gap.--Ed.

ViaVoice is typing words without my saying anything. The house is empty and no radio or television is turned on.

If it types "Get out of the house!" I'd take the advice.--Ed.

I own a Mac IIsi, and the hard drive has crashed. How large a replacement can I get, and where?

As a rule, the older the hardware, the bigger it is. For serious size, consider a drive from the 1970s. An IBM model from 1974 should be roughly the size of your house.--Ed.

Page 26, September 2000

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