3-D-Accelerator Tests

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3-D-Accelerator Cards
Accelerator Card Company Phone Price Specs Comments
Game Wizard Micro Conversions 817/468-9922 $349.00* 12MB of RAM, Voodoo 2 chip set, Glide support Offers beautiful rendering and the fastest 3-D-accelerator hardware available for the Mac.
MacPicasso 540 + 3D Overdrive Village Tronic 800/317-7217 $549.95 4MB of RAM, Voodoo chip set, Glide support Very good rendering and reasonably fast, but you need both the MacPicasso and the expansion card, which makes the package too expensive for gamers.
Xclaim VR ATI Technologies 905/882-2600 $299.00 4MB of RAM, Rage Pro chip set, RAVE support So-so rendering; card is fine for Quake but not the best choice for Unreal.
iMac Apple Computer 408/996-1010 $1,299.00 Rage IIc chip set, RAVE support Rage IIc is a hybrid between Rage II and Rage Pro chip sets, running faster than Rage II.
Power Macintosh G3/266 Apple Computer 408/996-1010 $2,129.00 Rage II chip set, RAVE support New desktop G3 systems feature a Rage Pro chip set.
*8MB version, $299.
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