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LinkUPPP Turbo 3.0

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  • FCR Software LinkUPPP Turbo 3.0

LinkUPPP Turbo 3.0

Double the Speed with Two Modems

By Mel Beckman

The recent development of Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP) created a flurry of network adapters that increase bandwidth by letting you connect two or more modems in parallel. But these devices cost a few hundred dollars, plus the price of extra modems. Thankfully, FCR's LinkUPPP Turbo 3.0.2 can do the same thing without the extra cost. This software kit achieves up to 112-Kbps throughput by letting you combine the speed of two 56-Kbps modems.

LinkUPPP Turbo installs easily with a downloadable installer application that places the LinkUPPP control panel, an MLPPP extension, and electronic documentation on your hard disk. The installer thoughtfully removes any prior PPP dialers to prevent troublesome interactions. LinkUPPP Turbo inherits the extensive functionality of its previous incarnation: AppleTalk and TCP/IP support, a huge library of modem and log-in scripts (including ones for iMacs and 56-Kbps modems), and detailed diagnostics. Its elegant user interface simplifies basic configuration while providing access to advanced features, such as autodialing, redial on busy, and dynamic bandwidth expansion. Once a connection is running, you can open various status windows to display throughput and diagnostic information.

Before you connect to an Internet service provider or other remote-access server that supports MLPPP, make sure the remote service to which you connect has MLPPP enabled. LinkUPPP can dial up both connections immediately, or initially dial up one and add the second only if you need to speed remote access.

Unlike some stand-alone multimodem implementations, such as Ramp Networks' WebRamp M3I Plus, LinkUPPP Turbo doesn't depend on multiple TCP/IP data streams to achieve its rated 112-Kbps throughput. In tests, LinkUPPP Turbo hit this number consistently even with individual file transfers.

At a Glance
  • Pros

    • Bonds two modem connections
    • Inexpensive
    • Extensive diagnostics
    • AppleTalk support


    • None
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