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The JUNE issue of Macworld is now on the newsstands and ready for your perusal. If you would like to read the entire issue online, we will post it on MAY 25. As always, we will continue to post reviews as soon as they are available. To see a list of this month's reviews, please click here. To read what stories we covered in the other magazine sections, please read the abstract below.

When your Mac acts up, an inexpensive shareware program may be all you need to correct its bad behavior. Ted Landau identifies the right shareware for a number of problems, ranging from icons that spontaneously relocate on the desktop to losing the contents of an entire hard drive.

How can you make sure that the graphic that sizzles on screen will look good after you get it back from your service bureau? Macworld surveyed a number of service bureaus across the United States and in Canada to identify the top ten causes--and solutions--for common imaging problems.

Tracing over photos is a great way to create realistic drawings quickly. Janet Ashford shows how to use Photoshop, a number 2 pencil, and a matte acetate to transform found photos into illustrations.

As the owner of an iMac or a blue-and-white Power Mac G3, chances are you've developed a sudden interest in USB. And for good reason: it's the primary -- for iMac owners, the only -- way to connect peripherals to that Mac.

This USB Buyer's Guide is the most comprehensive listing of Mac-compatible USB products you'll find anywhere. We've surfed the sites on the Web, roamed the aisles of trade shows, and contacted every computer manufacturer we could find to compile this master list of USB products -- more than 200 in all.

If you own a business, the call of online profits has become irresistible. You're desperate to reach the zillions of consumers out on the Internet. If you're a designer, hardly a day goes by when you're not asked to help a client get online.

But is setting up shop online always a good idea? And what are the hurdles to getting into the electronic marketplace? We'll let you know more about electronic commerce, and about the different ways you can put a store on the Net.

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