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What is it about games that brings out the worst in people? Take my mother, for example. In most circumstances, Mom is as honest as the day is long. She's known throughout her community as a returner of dropped wallets and corrector of undercharging grocery clerks. But catch her playing solitaire, and you'll witness a ghastly transformation. The brow furrows; her soft brown eyes adopt a dark, foreboding hue; and from her mouth emerge phrases more appropriately found within the pages of How to Speak Like a Merchant Marine in Ten Easy Lessons .

As a veteran gamer, I naturally take this in stride. I understand that games can be vexing. What is far more troubling–and it pains me terribly to write these words–is the cheating. Heaven forbid that her 1040 form is off by a single penny, but find an ace of hearts that's inconveniently buried behind the jack of clubs and the seven of diamonds, and in the wink of a fairly sprightly eye that ace magically finds its way into the build pile with the jack and seven seemingly undisturbed.

"After all," she claims as she slips another one over on her invisible opponent, "it's only a game, dear."

And so with these words I dedicate this, my first Game Room column, to my mother and all the other big, fat–and in point of fact my mother is quite slender–cheaters of the world. The following cheats are for those who can't stand to let a computer game get the better of them or those who–though virtuous in every other respect–simply lack the moral fiber to get the job done honestly.

Most people think that using a cheat code is the only way to earn a dishonest reward–and don't worry, we'll get to those in a bit–but first, there are some other methods for weaseling your way through games, as I outline below.

Oh yes, you'll go straight to Hades for using this one, but what the hell, it's only your soul. You can duplicate items in your inventory by doing the following:

Drop the item to be duplicated and walk several paces away. Now click on the item, and just as your character picks it up, click on one of the eight items in your belt (that area of the screen where you keep potions and scrolls for easy access). If you've timed it correctly, the item you've selected in your belt will now "float" as it does when you've normally selected it, but the duplicated item's name appears in the description box. To collect your reward, drop the floating item. When dropped, it turns into the item you wished to duplicate. Of course, you lose the floating item for good when you do this, so don't click on a belt item you desperately need. Timing is crucial, and you'll find that you fail to duplicate items more often than you succeed. Once you succeed, however, you may find the means to afford the horrendously overpriced items Wirt has for sale.

You can play any level of these two games by either pressing the spacebar when selecting New Game in Myth I or pressing the shift key when selecting New Game in Myth II.

To skip to the next level, have Lara hold a flare, take one step forward and one step back, turn around fully three times, and then jump forward. To outfit Lara with the full complement of weapons, flares, and the like, place a flare in her hand and have her take one step forward and one step back, turn around fully three times, and then jump backward.

And finally, to get the comeuppance you and Mom so richly deserve for being the connivers that you are, perform either of the preceding without a flare in Lara's hand. That oughta teach you!

Ah, so the "Diablo do-si-do" was too much bother? You didn't care for Lara's final trick? Then turn the page, and cheat codes built into today's most popular Mac games will be revealed.

More animals to kill. More ways to cheat. Note that many of these cheats will trigger a derisive comment and that any trophies you capture will be branded with the cheater label.

While hunting, type:

BGBARBECUE Provides you with a rocket launcher.
BGSNIPER Turns weapon wobble on and off.
BGWEATHER Switches weather on.

At the main menu screen, type the following:

BGBULLWINKLE Only moose appear.
BGELKABONG Only elk appear.
BGHORNS Only sheep appear.
BGYOGI Only bear appear.
BGNOAH Twice the number of animals appear.
BGSTEROIDS Bigger animals.

At the map view screen, type the following:


To enter a code, first press the tilde key (~) to bring down Quake's console. Type the code, press return, and again press the tilde key.

GOD Gives you invincibility.
FLY You levitate; use D to go up, C to go down.
SKILLx Change your skill level (x = 0 to 3) between missions.
NOTARGET You're invisible until you attack.
NOCLIP You can walk through walls.

To enter a cheat, press the tilde key, type one of the following codes, and press enter to engage the cheat. Many of these cheats also work in Klingon Honor Guard.

ALLAMMO Provides 999 rounds for the weapons in your possession.
BEHINDVIEW 1 View your character from behind.
BEHINDVIEW 0 Return the view to first-person perspective.
FLUSH Get rid of screen artifacts.
GHOST Walk through walls.
GOD Gives you invulnerability.
OPEN map name Go to the map of your choice (enter name of map for map name).
SUMMON Bring forth a weapon, item, or player. For example, SUMMON HEALTH provides you with a health power-up.
FLY Fly around.
WALK Turn off effect of FLY and GHOST.

Note: The FLY and WALK cheats work in the opening sequence of both Unreal and Klingon Honor Guard. Use the arrow keys to move in any direction you'd like. To return to the ground, use the WALK code.

While viewing the Galaxy screen, press and hold the control key and type the following cheat codes:

BELL Displays races for diplomacy.
DAVINCI Gives or removes omniscience.
EDISON Gives you all technology.
GATES Provides the current technology.
INTEL The Antarans attack.
SCORE Displays your score.
TRUMP Showers you with 1,000 BC.

During a single-player game, press the escape key and type glazed donut (with the space, and, yes, spell doughnut as donut). You'll hear a satisfying "Ha ha!" when you've done this properly.

Return to the game and enter the following codes:

F3 Go back one level.
F4 Go forward one level.
command-F12 Gain five lives.
command-8 Add ten bombs to each category.
command-K Beach ball power-up.
command-I Invisible power-up.
command-T Morph power-up.
command-B Cloak power-up.

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